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Happy New Year! Casino Edition

It’s my first post of the new year and I’m so excited for the year to come. Not that last year was bad or anything, but it’s just exciting to start a new year!

I went to my favorite place besides home on the 1st with my daughter, our local casino.

We arrived around 6 am. It didn’t start out great when we first got there. Not too many wins. Seems all the machines were tapped out from all the players that were there previously to celebrate New Year’s.

We came across one of our favorite machines the Unicorns that was at $460 something on the progressive. These machines can hit at any time but must pay the progressive once they hit $500.

We started playing and we’re not getting any great wins. Hours went by along with the money. I’d say about $500. I was so bummed. Why do we always get suckered in? I told my daughter how we should just take the loss even though by now, the progressive is up around $470 something. It’s just a bummer that you put that much in and all you’re trying to do is win back the money you lost. You don’t want to put all that money in there and then leave it and have someone else stick a $20 in and win the progressive you were working on.

Luckily our persistence finally paid off and we started to win. We were up a little over $100 and got this. We thought for sure we would get the progressive for such a big win!

Unicorns 01-01-13Well, we did! Just not the progressive we wanted. We got the minor progressive which was around $27. Second time we got that one! It was a little bummer, but we won a little over $400 and cashed it out with around $600. Whoopee! All our money back, plus a little more.

Now we’re starting fresh again. We decided to keep trying and put another $40 in. We ended up with around $200 when the progressive finally hit. We were so excited we forgot to take a picture, but it was around $480 something. It took around 8 hours and now we were up $600. I told my daughter we wouldn’t fall for that again! Though I’m sure we will!

We decided to go and have a nice lunch. When we were done with lunch we went back and played a little more.

I tried a game I never even noticed before, probably because it’s out of my price range, a 5 cent’r. Boy was I glad I did. It was a $1.25 a bet, but it put me into the bonus round right away, maybe my 3rd spin. I cashed out with $80, so I put another $20 in. I cashed that one out with $65, and tried another $20. I got into free spins again and got this.

50 Lions 01-01-13I was like wow! $200 bucks! A lady playing the same game a couple of slots over came to see what I hit and told me it was around $800. I was like no way! In the end, the bonus round paid $969.50 and I cashed out that ticket with $1013.15.

50 Lions 2 01-01-13I couldn’t believe it. I played this machine for like 15 minutes and won this! We played that other machine for about 8 hours.

We played a little more, but really didn’t get any other big wins, so decided to pack it up and go back home. I think we ended up leaving with about $1800.

Not sure if there is really a moral to this story since it worked out good in the end. If there was, I think it would be to leave the ATM card at home!

We haven’t been back to the casino since, but we are planning another trip next weekend. I’m hoping it will be just as good as this trip ended up.

So my New Year has started out great! I hope yours has too!




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