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CVS GC Challenge (Round 2) Trip#11 12/23/12 Wrap it up!

Here’s the final trip for Round 2’s CVS gift card challenge.

One last item I couldn’t pass up!

The balance from my last trip:
  • $0.00 Gift Card
  • $7.00 ECB
  • $7.00Total

CVS 12-23-12

  • 1 – Schick Hydro 3 Razor with bonus shaving gel $9.79 ea
Coupons Used:
  • 1 – Try me free up to $10.99/1 Schick Hydro Razor

Total OOP: $0.76 ($0.00 + $0.76 tax) ~ Received $5.00 ECB
*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $9.79

Remaining balance:
  • $0.00 Gift Card
  • $12.00 ECB
  • $12.00 Total
Actual Cash Spent:
  • $17.07 Previous Trip(s)
  • $0.76 This Trip
  • $17.83 Total Cash

To wrap it up, I started at the end of July with $31.94 (gift card & ECB’s).  I made 11 trips for a total OOP of $17.83 (cash) and received $289.12 retail value of product.

I purchased a little of everything from make up, pain medication, personal hygiene items to pet food and still  have $12.00 in ECB’s leftover to start the New Year with.

It was fun to see if I could improve from my last challenge which I believe I did.

What do you think?  Try a gift card challenge and see how you can do!


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