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Casino Trip 11/12/12

Well my casino adventures continue. I stopped by yesterday for a couple of hours with my daughter. My partner in crime.

I was doing okay here & there, but nothing really good. I stopped and tried my friend Zeus III that was so nice to me last week, but couldn’t even get into the bonus rounds. I started with $120. and got down to my last twenty. I’m the bank for my daughter, so that’s money we both play with.

I told my daughter lets try a dollar slot, so we chose I think it’s called triple wild cherry. It was two bucks a spin for max bet and we either win something or leave. We ended up doubling our money, so I gave a twenty to my daughter and told her to go play something and I would play something else.

I decided to try a new game. I don’t think it’s actually new, but it was to me as I never tried before. It was called Jolly Roger. It cost a little more than what I normally play. A whole 10 cents more for 50 cents per spin.

So there I go and put my last twenty in. A couple of spins later I’m in the bonus round. I ended up winning a little over $30, so I cashed out fifty something. I found that I still had a couple of fives in my wallet so I decided to try it again with five dollars. I started winning here and there and got free spins again. I got over $20 so cashed out again and stuck my last five in. By then my daughter was by my side. She lost her money. I was telling her about the game when I got into bonus spins again.

You get 10 spins and I think in my second spin it spun weird when I got some of the treasure boxes on the last reel. When I got the treasure box on that one it popped up on the screen that I won the minor progressive of $350+. I don’t even know how much it was. I was just so shocked that I got it, I didn’t even take a picture or anything. It all happened so fast.

What was strange is the amount of winnings didn’t go up so through the last of the spins we were not sure it really won! It was at the end of the bonus round when it started adding that in. It was great! Ended up leaving with around $420!

We are planning to go back on Friday. Three times the charm. Lets see if I can add to it!


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