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Rite Aid Trip 07/24/12

Just picked up a couple of drinks at Rite Aid when out and about at lunchtime yesterday.  Was planning to pick up a few more items, but they were already out of stock.

  • 2 – Powerade 32 oz $0.88 ea (+ $0.10 CRV)
Coupons Used:
  • 1 – $1.50/2 Rite Aid Coca-Cola/Dasani 20 oz or Powerade 32 oz
Total OOP:  $0.46 ($0.46 + $0.00 tax)

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $2.98

I might stop by again, but I think I might wait until the Friday deals start, just need to double-check when my UP expires.

I was a little bummed because I was going to use a Walgreens $4.00 RR on Saturday, but it actually expired the day before on Friday, so lost out on that one.  Oh well, what can you do?  You win some & you lose some.  At least it wasn’t like $20 bucks!


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