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Walgreens Trip 06/03/12

Went to Walgreens last week.  My love hate relationship with them continues!

I don’t know why I put myself through the torture, but I do.  It must only be the store by my house because I don’t really seem to have issues at the one by my work.  Don’t get me wrong, the employees are really friendly as is the last manager I spoke with, but it’s just embarrassing to always have to explain the issues.  I’m not sure why they just can’t get it right the first time!

Anyhow here’s what I ended up with.

~ Transaction 1 ~
  • 1 – Goody ouchless clasp barrettes 2 ct $2.00
  • 1 – Lansoprazole 14 ct $6.00
Coupons Used:
  • 2 – $2.00 RR
Total OOP:  $4.62 ($4.00 + $0.62 tax) ~ Received $2.00 & $6.00 RR

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $17.48

~ Transaction 2 ~
  • 1 – Brainstrong kids 30 ct $10.00
  • 1 – Haagen Daz 14 oz $3.29
Coupons Used:
  • 1 – $4.00/1 Brainstrong kids
  • 1 – $6.00 RR
Total OOP:  $4.07 ($3.29 + $0.78 tax) ~ Received $10.00 RR

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $18.98

My 2nd transaction is where I ran into issues and ended up going back to the store. When I got home I realized that they only applied $2.00 RR to my transaction instead of the $6.00 RR that I received from my first transaction.  I thought it sounded a bit high when I was paying, but since there were other people waiting in line I didn’t want to hold them up and my daughter was complaining because her ice cream was going to melt!  Geesh, kids!

Because of the ice cream my out-of-pocket was higher, but since my daughter was going to pay for it, its okay.  I needed to have one filler item so that I could use two coupons on that transaction.  In reality I guess, it should really be $3.29 less, but I still would have had to add at least one filler item which probably would have been around $0.50.  At least you see how the deal works!

I was going to roll my $12.00 leftover RR’s into other items I wanted, but neither of the stores I go to had them in stock, so I guess I will  be making a trip out there sometime this week before they expire.  Not sure what I want though.  I saw there is a deal on TP and that’s the only item I’m really low on stock so that’s probably what I’ll do!  Last year I really stocked up when they had this deal and was good for about 6 months.  It was awesome!

Anyone else know of some good deals I should think of using my RR’s on?


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