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This Weekend and Emergency Savings

So this weekend I didn’t really have a chance to do much.  My pup Max had a medical emergency on Friday and ended up having surgery for it that same day.  He’s all good now, but we pretty much had to stay home with him all weekend.  He was a little out of it due to the anesthesia.  I felt so bad for him, I didn’t want to leave him anyways.

I’m happy to say today, he’s starting to get a little pep to his step so hopefully he will be back to his old self in no time!

Because of his emergency surgery and unexpected vet bill, I was lucky to have some cash on hand.  Even though I have pet insurance for him, there are still expenses that are not covered.  Luckily I have a great vet and office staff and they were able to work it out so that his surgery was covered under the plan I had and all I had to pay for was some other minor items, so they saved me about $250.00.

This really made me think of how I need to up my emergency savings for things like this.  I never really had an account for emergencies, always thought that my credit card would do the trick in case of an emergency, but I’m really trying not to rely on credit cards.

Emergency savings was a goal for me this year and I haven’t been contributing as much as I should or could.  This is about to change!  I am going to try to start putting the difference in the raise I just started to receive this month into my emergency savings.  Since this is extra money I wasn’t receiving previously, hopefully I won’t miss it now.  It will be tough as I was looking forward to just having this extra cash, but I really need to plan better for the future.  If I don’t start now, I never will.


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