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Walgreens & Rite Aid Trip(s) 03/26/12, 04/09/12 & 04/11/12

I think I mentioned previously I was going to start shopping the other drug stores for deals again.  I haven’t been to Walgreens or Rite Aid all year until recently so thought I would share my results of those trips.  As I continue, I will try to share my results sooner.

I just love being able to go back through and see the deals I was I able to obtain and I love to see what other people do and how much they are able to save.

I have 3 Walgreens near my home, but it seems whenever I used to go, they were always out of everything I wanted to purchase.  Must be a lot of couponers in my area!

I’m really happy because a Walgreens opened near my office a couple of months ago and it’s not really a high residential area.  So I’m hoping I can get all my deals there.  So far so good, plus, they are really nice.  At least so far!

I was really excited because there was a money-maker on Got2b products when I started again and when I went they actually had it in stock.  Unfortunately I wanted to purchase the dry shampoo, but accidentally bought the dry conditioner (who knew, they had that?).  But that’s okay, I’m planning on exchanging it once they have it in stock again.

~ Walgreens Trip 03/26/12 ~
  • 2 – Got2b dry shampoo 2/$10.00
  • 2 – Charmin Basic (double roll, so they say) 6 pk $2.99 ea
  • 10 – Various candy eggs (Reese’s, Crunch, Butterfinger, Cadbury – not all pictured) $.39 ea
Coupons Used:
  • 2 – $3.00/1 Got2b, any
  • 2 – $1.00/1 Charmin
Total OOP:  $13.12 ($11.88 + $1.24 tax) ~ Received $5.00 RR 

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $28.24

~ Walgreens Trip 04/09/12 ~ 

Forgot to take picture!

  • 1 – Reach toothbrush $2.99
  • 1 – Finish dishwasher tab 20 pk $3.99
  • 2 – Reese’s eggs $.39 ea
Coupons Used:
  • 1 – $1.00/1 Reach toothbrush any
  • 1 – $0.75/1 Finish detergent
  • 1 – $5.00 RR
Total OOP:  $1.51 ($0.97 + $0.54 tax) ~ Received $2.00 & 1.50 RR

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $12.28

~ Rite Aid Trip 04/11/12 ~
  • 1 – Always Radiant Infinity, regular 16 ct $3.99
  • 1 – Always Radiant Infinity, overnight 12 ct $3.99
Coupons Used:
  • 2 – $1.00/1 Always Infinity (12 ct or higher), including Always Radiant Infinity
Total OOP:  $6.60 ($5.98 + $0.62 tax) ~ Received 2 – $2.00 UP

*Retail Value before sale prices, coupons and w/o tax $10.98

In the end I spent $21.23 for a little bit over $50.00 worth of products.  I have $7.50 in RR’s & UP’s for my next trips.

Do you coupon?  If not, I would highly recommend it!


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