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Resolutions (Goals) Update

So into our third month of the year I thought I would reevaluate my goals I set in January.

Here’s what I had and where I’m at in the process:

Personal / Household Goals:

  • Clean out my garage (it’s a real mess) – Haven’t even started!
  • Clean out my closet – Haven’t even started!
  • Deal with incoming papers right away Kind of do, but not very well.  I deal with them, but not always right away!  I think my problem is trying to figure out what to do with all the papers.  A lot of them are easy, you know it’s junk, so you just toss it.  The other stuff, I’m not sure.  I’ve read a lot about different plans such as only touching the paper once, the different plans of attack (one I like: the four Fs from a book I picked up called “Sorted”).  It stands for “finish it, forward it, file it or flick it.  Such a simple idea, but I just can’t seem to do it!  I just need to make it a daily habit.
  • 15 minute pick up daily –  I do this sometimes, but need to start doing on a more consistent basis.
  • Try a new recipe a week – This one I just don’t think I can do, but I think if I change it to a minimum of a recipe a month.  That’s obtainable.  I’ve actually been doing two or three, but for some reason I always forget to post them.  Boo for me!
  • Start my Christmas shopping by October and be done before Thanksgiving (this year I didn’t even start until the week before Christmas – terrible) – I have a few months for this one, but I think I’ll start thinking of some things in the meantime or at least try to remember to make note of it when I get a hint from someone.

Financial Goals:

  • Save $1000. – $1500. for Christmas & holiday (cookie) party. – Started and on track!  Woo hoo!
  • Start emergency savings account. – Started, not much in there, but I have it set to auto transfer a small amount each month and when I have some extra I will transfer that in separately.
  • Continue saving money by couponing and putting that savings into another account (for fun). – I have continued with my coupon thing and started my “fun” savings account.  Just haven’t started the process of transferring my coupon savings into the savings account.  This I think I just forget to do.  I might just start making note of my coupon savings weekly and then tally it up and try doing a transfer once a week.  Maybe I’ll actually alternate weeks with placing it one week in my emergency savings account and then the other week my “fun” savings account.

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