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My Gambling Heart

Well, I hit the casino again.  It was another nice trip!  I still haven’t hit it big, but I did come back with $15.00 more than I started with!  Funny…  Not really that much, but it did pay for my lunch today!

It’s also a little tough to hold on to the winnings when you’re the bank for someone else (daughter) and she is losing all the time.  I don’t think we have ever gone when we both win.  Of course when I’m not winning, she will loan me some money and wants me to pay her back.  What’s with that?  If I was to have her pay back all the money she owes me, she’d be paying for quite a while.  I always let her keep her winnings except when I finally say that’s it because she’s just blowing through it. Then she says she’ll play a slot machine for me.  It’s so funny because a lot times when she is playing for me, she wins.  But when she’s playing for herself she always loses!

I want to go without her sometime, but if I go by myself, I think that might mean I have a problem!  I don’t, do I?  I can’t help it that the casino is only 1/2 an hour away.  I do have to say it’s my favorite pastime besides baseball.  Good thing baseball is starting up again!

So anyhow, just wanted to share my slot win.  I finally got all those Unicorns!  Got a few more after too, not full, but four columns and stuff and then cashed out.  Like I said before I didn’t end up with all of this as I shared it with my daughter so she could gamble too.  But I did have a few hours of fun and didn’t lose anything!


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