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My CVS Challenge Trip #5

So this week I did a couple of small trips.

One because my dog was running out of food and I really need to pick some up and I just wasn’t willing to pay full price!  Not because he’s not worth it, but just because I can’t find myself to spend the extra cash when you can pick up such great deals!

The second trip was just because I noticed I had received a birthday gift email from CVS and I didn’t notice until a day before it was going to expire.

It worked out great!  My CVS didn’t have all 5 bags of dog food that I needed to get over the $20.00 and receive $5.00 ECB’s, so I only picked up 4 bags (+ rain check for extra bag).  When I received the $3.00 ECB’s I went back to CVS and picked up the Beneful snacks and only paid $.20 total.  That ended up being cheaper than if I would have bought the 5th bag because unless I would have picked something else up I would’ve lost the full value of that buck.

Here’s a break down of what I started with this week and my purchase:

  • $11.00 ECB’s ($8.00 from previous week + $3.00 received from birthday email)
  • $4.26 CC
  • Total $15.26
Transaction 1

Bought  4 Beneful dog food $4.49 (used rain check previously received)

  • Used 4 $2.50 Beneful dog food
  • Used 1 $8.00 ECB

Total OOP w/tax – $1.35 (Used CC) 

Transaction 2

Bought  1 Beneful Baked Delights $3.19

  • Used 1 $3.00 ECB

Total OOP w/tax – $.20 (Cash) ~ Received $5.00 ECB’s

My new balances look like this:

  • $2.91 CC
  • $5.00 ECB’s
  • Total $7.91
Getting a little low on what I have to spend, but not too bad for 5 trips so far.

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