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My CVS Challenge Trip #4

So last week, I tried to get the deal on Beneful dog food, that might I add my dog just absolutely loves, but the two stores I went to were all out so I got a rain check.  I always forget that you can do that at CVS and you can still get whatever deal they happen to be running for ECB’s.  Checked today and at one store they had 4 bags, but I actually need 5 for the deal, so decided to wait.  Hopefully they will get some in stock, because I don’t know what it is about that food, but my dog goes crazy over it and it was such a great deal!

Since I couldn’t roll my ECB’s into that deal last week, I had to make it to CVS today because my ECB’s were also expiring today.  My store tells me that they will take the ECB’s even if they are expired, but I don’t really like doing that.  I feel like I’m cheating the system or something.

Anyhow I lucked out and got the last two toothpaste they had in stock.  These didn’t actually have the sticker showing the deal on the shelf, but when I checked at the CVS price checker machine I did find they were on sale and took a chance!

Here’s a break down of what I started with this week and my purchase:

  • $6.00 ECB’s
  • $7.51 CC
  • Total $13.51


Bought 2 Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief  Toothpaste $4.99

  • Used 2 $.75 any Colgate toothpaste
  • Used 1 $6.00 ECB

Total OOP w/tax – $3.25 (Used CC) ~ Received $8.00 ECB’s

My new balances look like this:

  • $4.26 CC
  • $8.00 ECB’s
  • Total $12.26
So down $1.25 but considering I used to pay full price for toothpaste when I didn’t coupon, what a deal.I don’t know about you, but it’s so tough for me to buy anything without a coupon! Don’t get me wrong.  I still shop, but if I forget my coupons or just drop in a store real fast, I’m always thinking… I bet I have a coupon for that.Speaking of shopping, I actually just went to the Coach store over the weekend and bought my daughter her first Coach purse for her 22nd birthday.  Of course I had a coupon for 30% off and it saved me $74.40.  What a deal!  I know it may not sound like a deal to some or too much to pay for a purse, but hey when your saving money other places, why not splurge every once in a while on things you really enjoy or others will enjoy?

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