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Gosh, I thought starting a blog I would be able to post all the time, but it’s really tough!  I don’t know how everyone does it!

I work a 40+ hour week (3 days at the office/2 days at home) and I’m pooped!  But… I’m so happy to have a job!  It’s been a little stressful because last week, some of the people I work with got laid off.  I heard approximately 1000 people were laid off at my company, so I’m just really thankful to still have my job.  It was just a little to close to home to have some friends that I’ve worked with for a number of years to be let go.

The past week I kept thinking if I would be next and wondering if they were done.  So far I’m hearing I’m good!  At least I hope so.  I know it’s tough out there.  One of my best friends has been out of work since before Thanksgiving of last year.  She’s having a really tough time finding something as I’m sure a lot of people are.  It’s just scary times right now and I hope it gets better for everyone.

Since I was so stressed, you know I just had to go and have some fun and what better place than a trip to my local indian casino?  And… to top it off, I actually finally won some money.  Not a lot, but boy it sure felt like it was my day!

I couldn’t believe I actually got all the lions!  I was in bonus spins (you get 8).  You win $200. for all the lions.  I was on my final spin and they came up!  My other spins were not good at all.  You get 80 cents for just getting into the bonus spins and my total win was $201.08 so I won 28 cents on my other 7 spins.  You can imagine my surprise when I got these!  It was so exciting!

Shortly after I got this!

Can you believe, I was just one unicorn away from another $200. bucks!  But oh well! I took it!  For only a 40 cent bet on these, it was worth it.

Can’t wait to go back!  My casino still owes me a lot more for my patronage!  đź™‚

Also so excited that baseball season is underway!  Can’t wait to see my Yankees. Looks like they are finally making some moves. Can’t believe that they really got rid of AJ Burnett.  I was really rooting for him, but for some reason he just didn’t seem to be able to play good in New York.  He had such great stuff at times, but other times, I don’t know what happened!  I hope he does good with his new team.

Anyhow, hope everyone’s week is going well.

I plan to hit some deals some time this week so I’ll be sure to share!  Hopefully!


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