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My CVS Challenge Trip #3

Did a small trip on January 31st.

Here’s a break down of what I started with and purchased:

  • $3.67 GC
  • $.74 GC
  • $10.00 CC
  • Total $14.41


Bought 6 Speed stick deodorants $1.99

  • Used 3 B1/G1 which deducted $1.99

Total OOP w/tax – $6.90 (Used CC) ~ Received $6.00 ECB’s

My new balances look like this:

  • $7.51 CC
  • $6.00 ECB’s
  • Total $13.51
Only tax of $.90 for 6 deodorants, can’t beat that.  There’s not really much I need since I have a pretty nice stockpile of personal care and household supplies, so I’m trying to be a little more selective in what I purchase.  Since my boyfriend likes this brand of deodorant, I couldn’t resist.
I’ll probably start picking up a little more in the weeks to come, but I’ll also probably be shopping all the drug stores.  I think I was getting a little burned out there for a while, but I’ve had a nice little break and I’m ready to roll again!

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