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My CVS Challenge Trip #2

My trip today didn’t quite go exactly as planned.

CVS was still out of the Glade deal I wanted to get and then the 20% coupon I received wasn’t valid toward the promo for buy $30.00 and receive a $10.00 cash card back. For some reason I thought I was able to use this type of coupon before on these deals, but I think normally those were a certain dollar amount off of purchase (ie get $5.00 with $30.00 purchase). I will definitely need to read my coupons a little better next time.

I still went ahead with my purchase as we really needed the toilet paper as I haven’t really seen any good sales on it. I was down to one 12 pack! I stocked up the last time I found a good deal which was last June, so for it to last about 7 months, I think that’s pretty good!

Paper towels I’m pretty stocked up on, but they didn’t have any other packs of the toilet paper so I went ahead and purchased them since they were part of the deal. Actually, only the choose-a-size pack was part of the deal, but since my store was out, they let me substitute with the 8 pack that was also on sale for $5.00.

My store is really good like that. I don’t know if all CVS are the same, but at the main store I go to, they told me I could use coupons that come out of the CVS machine or ECB’s that expire. I’m not sure how long I have to use them, but I have done it before after knowing that. They also let me substitute say if you have a coupon for free candy and they are out of it, they will let you choose something else for the same price or give you that price off if your substitute item happens to be more.

Here’s a break down of what I started with and purchased:

  • $30.00 GC
  • $.74 GC
  • $3.00 ECB’s
  • Total $33.74


Bought 1 Scott Mega Roll Choose-a-Size 6 ct – $5.00
  • Used 1 – $1.00 / any Scott 6 ct or larger
Bought 1 Scott 8 ct – $5.00
  • Used 1 – $1.00 / any Scott 6 ct or larger
Bought 2 Cottonelle 18 ct – $10.00
  • Used 2 – $.50 / any Cottonelle 12 ct or larger
  • Used 1 – $3.00 ECB from previous trip

Total OOP w/tax – $26.33 (Used GC) ~ Received $10.00 Cash Card

My new balances look like this:

  • $3.67 GC
  • $.74 GC
  • $10.00 CC
  • Total $14.41
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to stretch out what I have left into a couple of more trips if I keep spending like this.

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