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My CVS Challenge

I have been reading different blogs about doing a CVS gift card challenge so I was more than excited today when I received a late Christmas present which was a $30. CVS gift card.

I haven’t really gone out for any deals this month due to my little shopping excursion at Sur la table and I spent a little more during the holidays which left me a little strapped for cash. I also don’t have any ECB’s (Extra Care Bucks) on hand to roll but I’ve been itching to go out and get me some deals, so this came at the perfect time! I just hope CVS will email me a coupon in the next day or so.

I won’t be posting all the deals available as there are many other sites that do this and do it quite well, so no need for another, but I will post my results as I go to show you that anyone can do.

I have to share a little story of the time I went to CVS with my boyfriend’s son (he is 13) towards the end of last year.  I purchased over $30. of product and after coupons only paid $.33 (has to be my best trip of all time).  He purchased a pack of gum and paid over a dollar!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a coupon for him to use!  :-0  We laughed about all that I got compared to what he did.

If that’s not proof why you should coupon, I don’t know what is.  If you haven’t started yet, start now!


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