A little of everything

Hello & Welcome!

I’m not really quite sure what this blog will really be about, but always wanted to start one after being hooked on reading lots of others!

I guess this will kind of be a journal for me.  A new year’s resolution to see if this is something I can really do.

There are so many different things I am interested in and so many different topics to choose from I can’t just pick one.  Do I really have to?

Here are some my interests and the topics I plan to write about.

    • Finance and saving money
    • Couponing & results
    • Organizing
    • Food / Recipes
    • Reading & finding new blogs about any of the above
    • My pets, Max (my dog), Scout & Sybil (my cats)
    • Baseball and the Yankees!
    • Gambling – Yeah, I know it really doesn’t quite go with the saving money part, but I can’t help it… I love it!  At least I’m using coupons and saving as much as I can 🙂
    • Random musings…

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share with me too!


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